Our Fair City
Mid-Season Break- Songs from Al's Bar

Welcome, Loyal Polices, to the Mid-Season Break! While the MolePeople are busy editing the second half of the season, we've got some fun stuff to share with you.  Today we've got two songs used in the background of the show, either in Al's bar or on the radio, adapted and recorded by the cast, crew, and friends of Our Fair City.  First, we have "Haul Away Mole," a MolePerson Dirt Shanty (adapted from the traditional tune "Haul Away Joe"), followed by "Rolling Down to Tunnel Three," a Lightning Rigger working song (adapted from Stan Rogers' classic "Rolling down to Old Maui").

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  • Lead Vocals— Betsey Palmer, David Rheinstrom, Jeffrey Gardner, Mark Soloff, Clayton Faits
  • Backing Vocals— Lauren Faits, John Sumner Majer, Robin Billadeau, Tara Schile, Ryan Schile, Ira Ochs, Betsey Palmer, David Rheinstrom, Jeffrey Gardner, Mark Soloff, Clayton Faits
  • Guitar— Clayton Faits
  • Cello— Ira Ochs
  • Percussion— John Sumner Majer, Jeffrey Gardner, Mark Soloff, Lauren Faits
  • Bass— Lauren Faits
  • Mandolin— Jeffrey Gardner

Rolling Down To Old Maui originally by Stan Rogers.  Photo by Tara Schile.  Produced by Jeffrey Gardner. Recording by Ryan Schile.  A huge thank you to our sponsor for this episode, Busy Beaver

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