Our Fair City

We return to Al’s Bar on C-deck, where Neal searches for Allison, Loamy gets tough, and the Lightning Riggers are almost helpful. Neal Henderson — Sebastian H. Orr Loamy— Lisa Burton Benny Lemieux— Kamron Palmer Bartender— Abby Doud Lightning Rigger— Ryan Schile Al’s Patrons— Hanna Van Slambrouck, Kyla Blythe, Michael Petrella, Andrea Guzzetta, Stephen Poon, Ryan Schile, The Voice of HartLife— Jeffrey Gardner Written by David Rheinstrom. Narration written and performed by Ansel Burch. Directed by Clayton Faits and Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by Ryan Schile. Music by Stephen Poon. Illustration by Ryan Simmons. Created by Clayton Faits. N.B.: The voices of “Al’s Patrons were recorded “in the field” at Chicago ComiCon 2012, by awesome people who stopped by our booth! Thanks for lending your voices to our show!

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