Our Fair City

Putting Dr. Caligari’s plan into action, Vice President Davenport visits the Power Management station. Will the Switcher deliver the power he needs to save the city, or will he choose callous self-interest over the good of the Company?

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As power reserves continue to dwindle and food stores run low, we visit the hardworking policies of the Human Resources department. Productivity is threatened as the riots escalate outside and their Vice President gets a visit from someone from the air ducts.

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Rounding out our Season Four Mid-Season Break, we have our Season Three Blooper Reel! Enjoy, all. Radio HartLife— Ansel Burch Squashed with fear—Lisa Burton Vomited Lime Jello—Sebastian H. Orr Secrets of Clowning—Frank Sjodin Textbook case—Tara Schile Stop apologizing—Ryan Schile Pizza coupons—Clayton Faits Making Art—Mark Soloff Being dead is a big bummer—Lise “Kat” Evans Has a condition—David Rheinstrom Edited by David Rheinstrom. Photo by Sebastian H. Orr. We’re very, very sorry.
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For our third week of the Season Four mid-season break we have “I Will Compy,” recorded live at CONvergence 2013 as part of Our Fair City: The Live Episode! Lead Vocals—Betsey Palmer Guitar—Stephen Poon Harmony Vocals— David Rheinstrom, Abby Doud, Sebastian H. Orr, Clayton Faits, Stephen Poon, Jeffrey Gardner Archibald FunnyPants—Mark Soloff A parody based on “I’ll Fly Away” by Alfred E. Brumley. Lyrics by David Rheinstrom. Arrangement by Betsey Palmer and Stephen Poon. Recording by Fred Greenhalgh and Matt Boudreau.
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