Our Fair City

In the loading bay for the Dead Disposal Drivers, our MolePeople friends Clay and Sandy are recruited to assist Simon in the loading of the unusually high number of retired policies. However, when Vice President Davenport appears to move his power production plan forward, how will he react to these off-the-clock shenanigans? Will the M.O.L.E.s be punished for participating in human work, and what will happen to the oft-delinquent Simon? Find out, as the story of Our Fair City…continues.

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Dr. Caligari, now working with Vice President Davenport on the Power Crisis, stalks the twisting warrens of Old Tunnel in search of that most dangerous of prey: Dr. Herbert West.

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We return to the newly discovered verdant “Eden,” outside the walls of the company, where Neal Henderson, Alison, and the rest of the crew of the downed rig Stormhawk work to survive without HartLife under the tutelage of Dora, amateur naturalist and window-washer.

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As the HartLife NFP crew recovers from DragonCon 2013 and prepares for the upcoming Our Fair City: the Live Episode! performance at the 2013 Chicago Fringe Festival, we share another tidbit from our live recording at CONvergence– an advertisement for HartLife Gives Back. Regularly scheduled broadcasts of the Historical Records will return next week. Archibald FunnyPants— Mark Soloff HartLife Representative — Clayton Faits Live Foley— David Rheinstrom Written by Clayton Faits, with Mark Soloff. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Recorded live by Fred Greenhalgh and Matt Boudreau. Photo by Sebastian H. Orr. Created by Clayton Faits.
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