Our Fair City

The city waits with bated breath as Neal Henderson, the Sharp Chuter, descends to the Putrescible Waste Fields to provide the power necessary to jump start the Doctors’ Fusion Reactor. Can the actions of one man, no matter how mighty, make a difference in the monolithic tower of the HartLife corporation? Loyal Policies: we strongly recommend listening to this piece of the Historical Record with headphones.

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As the power supplies of the city continue to dwindle, the Doctors Caligari, West and Moro work with Vice President Davenport to convince the newly returned Neal Henderson to jump start their fusion reactor. Will the Sharp Chuter be willing to help the city that cast him out? Will Loamy survive the tender ministrations of Doctor West? Will the reactor start in time to save the policies…and the Company? Find out, as the story of Our Fair City…continues.

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Vice President Davenport and The Switcher attempt their plan to jump-start Dr. West and Dr. Caligari’s reactor, but are stymied by none other than Special Agent George Chamberlain. On the run from a psychotic madman with a badge and a gun, what hope do they, or indeed any Policies of HartLife, have of surviving this crisis?

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We return to the Data Extraction suites of the department of Human Resources, as Erin Davenport (model employee) administers compulsory physical coaching and inquiry-based communication to the Switcher (dangerous free-thinker). What will happen when her father, Vice President Edward Davenport, arrives on the scene? Is there any hope for the Switcher? Find out, as the story of Our Fair City…continues.

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