Our Fair City

This July, four of us - head writer Clayton Faits, director Jeffrey Gardner, composer Stephen Poon, and producer David Rheinstrom - took to the streets of Chicago to compete in KCRW's 24-Hour Radio Race; we had 24 hours to produce a 4-minute documentary, and the prompt we were given was "You Should Know..."

We didn't win.  But!  We liked what we made, and so we're sharing it with you.

The piece was primarily edited by Clayton and David, directed by Jeffrey, and the music composed and performed by Stephen.  It was awesome.  We'd do it again.

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Recorded on-site at the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival, Our Fair City is pleased to present our very first full recording of a live episode.  Uncover the dark secrets of Hartlife as Detective Jack Winters gets to the bottom of a double murder in the algae fields.

  • Detective Jack Winters— Jared Latore
  • Edwin Burke— Sebastian H. Orr
  • Detective Haley Burnham— Kat Evans
  • Chris— Sebastian H. Orr
  • Harlan— Kat Evans
  • Bernice Prendergast— Kat Evans
  • Curtis— Sebastian H. Orr
  • Brian Orlan— Sebastian H. Orr
  • An InternKat Evans


Written by Clayton Faits. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Live Foley design and performance by Ele Matelan.  Music Direction by Betsey Palmer Music and electronic environment by DJ Catnip, with Betsey Palmer.  Assistant Direction by Brian Foster. Lyrics by David Rheinstrom, with Clayton Faits.  Stage management by Cat Cefalu.  Production Management by Betsey Palmer.  Created by Clayton Faits.  Recorded live at the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival.