Our Fair City

We’re excited to share part 2 of the Season Five blooper reel- listen to part 1 here!

  • Do you make Blooper Reels?— Whitney Kraus Jones
  • A Need for Brandy—Nina O’Keefe
  • Playing the Home Game—Mark Soloff
  • Okay, Improvise!—Tyler Samples
  • Clear Skies Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim—David Rheinstrom
  • You’re Going to Die—Jared Latore
  • Standing on Mark—Tara Schile
  • Tough Words—Frank Sjodin
  • Creepiest Poem—Ele Matelan
  • Did I yell for Science again?— Ryan Schile
  • Rude Mole Songs— Sebastian H. Orr
  • The Cutest Mole Abby Doud
  • Hugging Revolutionary— Clayton Faits
  • Speak to the Gods— Kat Evans
  • Trying Valiantly— Jeffrey Gardner

Edited by David Rheinstrom.  Photo by Sebastian H. Orr. Music by Latché Swing.  We’re very, very sorry.

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