Our Fair City
Our Fair City Live: The Archibald FunnyPants Variety Hour

Recorded live at the 2015 CONvergence Convention, we are pleased to finally share with you, in its entirety, the Archibald FunnyPants Radio Hour.  We've toured this show in a variety of forms (and with a variety of casts) for roughly three years- we hope you enjoy it!

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  • Archibald FunnyPants— Marsha Harman
  • Mr. J— Clayton Faits
  • The Archibald FunnyPants Players— David Rheinstrom, Catherine Dvorak
  • Live Foley— Ele Matelan
  • Vocalists— Jeffrey Gardner, Betsey Palmer
  • Guitar— Betsey Palmer
  • Violin— Jeffrey Gardner

Written by Clayton Faits, with Mark Soloff.  Lyrics by David Rheinstrom.  Directed by Jeffrey Gardner.  Music Direction by Betsey Palmer.  Tour Management by Jennifer Olson.  Show poster by Dan Streeting. Created by Clayton Faits.

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