Our Fair City

As we continue our run up to Season Seven, we’re pleased to share a recording of the Our Fair City team speaking at the 2016 Columbia Geek Culture Gala.  We share some tips on starting a podcast, stories about the creation of Our Fair City, and a short live foley demonstration!  Thanks so much to CG2 for hosting us, and to everyone who came out to hear us speak!

Content Advisories for this episode can be found here.

  • Community Manager— Lauren Faits
  • Composer— Stephen Poon
  • Actor/Foley Artist— Ele Matelan
  • Writer/Actor— Jim McDoniel
  • Executive Producer— Jeffrey Gardner

Produced by Jeffrey Gardner.  Photo by Lauren Faits.  A huge thank you to our sponsor for this episode, Podcast Movement!

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Loyal Policies: this week, we’re excited to bring you something very different from our usual fare: a very special crossover episode produced by Improvised Star Trek.  This episode was originally broadcast in May of 2014, and is  completely improvised from an title provided by a listener.  A huge thank you to Improvised Star Trek for allowing us to rebroadcast!  You can find Improvised Star Trek on Facebook here, or on twitter at @improvstartrek.

Given that the audio contained within was not captured by StreetSafe-approved surveillance devices, the canonical nature of this broadcast cannot be verified.

Content advisories for this episode can be found here.

  • Lt. Commander Crick Watson— Sean Kelley
  • Commander Corbomite Hayes— Chris Rathjen
  • Ensign Ch’arles Lorem— Nick Wagner
  • Captain Julius Valentine Baxter— Matt Young
  • Borg— Nick Wagner
  • Ensign Lackey— Griffen Eckstein
  • Doctor Herbert West— Ryan Schile
  • Ensign Greg— Matt Young
  • Lt. Commander Fritz Fassbinder — Griffen Eckstein
  • Urg— Matt Young
  • Simon— Mark Soloff
  • Doctor Octavius— Matt Young

Recorded and Engineered by Improvised Star Trek.  Episode art by Dann Tincher.   A huge thank you to our sponsor for this episode, Podcast Movement!

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