Our Fair City

Don't worry- we aren't going anywhere yet~

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Content warnings for this episode can be found here.

  • You heard me f*ck...no you didn't—Ansel Burch
  • What a band of tools—Frank Sjodin
  • Cuuuuuuuube...cube—Hank Hewitt
  • Over-informative Nose—David Rheinstrom
  • Nuclear WHOOPS—Tyler Samples
  • Beg-God d*mn it!—Abby Doud
  • Where is Betty?—Clint Worthington
  • Space Train!—Jared Latore
  • Don't want to blow too soon—Mark Soloff
  • Alternate Narrator—Ele Matelan
  • Very Confused—Kat Evans
  • The Best DM—Tyler Samples
  • Halfway between Texas and Wizard People—Clayton Faits
  • We're Heroes?—Jeffrey Gardner
  • Can See Russia—Whitney Jones
  • I do something called Time Travel—David Fink

Compiled and produced Jeffrey Gardner.  Photo by Jenna Braunstein Photography. Music by Latché Swing.  Thank you to Josh Zagoren.  A huge thank you to our episode sponsor Overcast, through the Chicago Podcasting Cooperative.

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HartLife NFP is thrilled to bring you the very first trailer for our new flagship show- Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery, coming in February 2019. 

A transcript for this trailer is available here.

Content warnings for this trailer can be found here.

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This trailer features Shariba Rivers as Lily Harper, Clint Worthington as Charlie, Krista D'Agostino as Melody, and Sebastian Orr as Jamie, with additional contributions by Ryan Schile. Michael Turrentine and Kathleen Hoil.

This trailer was written by Jeffrey Gardner and Jim McDoniel, with music and recording engineering by DJ Catnip, and sound design by Jeffrey Gardner.

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Loyal Policies-we cannot thank you enough for your support, love and time over the eight seasons of Our Fair City.  We'd like to try anyway.

This special message was produced by Ryan Schile, recorded by all of us and is dedicated to you.

It's been...the best weird.


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Listen and Remember.


The show may be over, but the HartLife NFP isn’t going anywhere!  We’ll be releasing content on the Our Fair City podcast feed for the next few months (including listener questions episodes, blooper reels, and the Tales from Albuquerque miniseries), and launching our brand new show Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery in February of 2019.
To that end- we hope you will continue to support the HartLife NFP patreon at www.patreon.com/hartlifenfp.  This funding is crucial to the company as we prepare to launch our new show- which we’ll be able to tell you much more about soon!


Thank you all so much for listening.

Content Warnings for this episode can be found here.

  • Foster Livy— Ansel Burch
  • Elizabeth— Tara Schile
  • Dr. Herbert West— Ryan Schile
  • Loamy— Kat Evans
  • The Bastard Silty— Sebastian H. Orr
  • Dr. Emily Caligari— Marsha Harman
  • Andrew Snidge— Frank Sjodin
  • Shale—Jeffrey Gardner
  • Mole Choir—Ben Aldred, Lauren Faits, Clayton Faits, Kat Evans, Abby Doud, Jeffrey Gardner, Angelica D’Souza, Ansel Burch, Stephen Poon

Written by Clayton Faits, with Jim McDoniel and Jeffrey Gardner. Directed by  Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by Ryan Schile. Music by Stephen Poon. Mole Hymn score by Stephen Poon and Betsey Palmer. Mole Hymn production and recording by DJ Catnip, with additional instrumentation by Stephen Poon and DJ Catnip.  Mole Hymn Music Direction by Betsey Palmer.   Episode art by Dann Tincher.  Produced by Jeffrey Gardner. Recording Engineering by DJ Catnip. Created by Clayton Faits.

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