Our Fair City

Loyal Policies- we're here with the first episode of HartLife NFP's new podcast- Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery.  If you want to hear more, go subscribe on your favorite podcasting app, or listen at http://www.unwellpodcast.com.

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This episode features: Shariba Rivers as Lily, Marsha Harman as Dot, Clint Worthington as Russel, Bethany Hart as Cynthia, LaQuin Groves as Dale, Mark Soloff as an old man on the edge of town, Michael Turrentine as Wes, Pat King as Chester, Sebastian Orr as &$^#&$#(, Ele Matelan as ))@&*@^$&. Voices by Alex Brown, Jeff Van Dreason, Eric Silver, Julia Schifini, Amanda McSweene-Geehan, Michelle Nickolaisen, Jack Pevyhouse, Paul Miscagave and Bridge Greene.

Written by Jim McDoniel, sound design by Ryan Schile, directed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner, music composed by Stephen Poon, recording engineer Mel Ruder, Theme performed by Stephen Poon, Lauren Kelly, Gunnar Jebsen, Travis Elfers, Mel Ruder, and Betsey Palmer, Unwell lead sound designer Ryan Schile, Executives Producers Eleanor Hyde and Jeffrey Gardner, by HartLife NFP.

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From the audio notes of Abbie Douglas [They/them], PhD candidate in History (with a focus in urban planning) on the Fenwood Boarding House in Mt. Absalom, Ohio.

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Performed by Kathleen Hoil, directed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner, written by Jim McDoniel, with sound design by Jeffrey Nils Gardner. Unwell lead sound designer, Ryan Schile. HartLife NFP Executive Producers Eleanor Hyde and Jeffrey Nils Gardner.

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